Challenge #11- Write A Negative Review

There are about a million horrible ideas for a product that somehow got produced and sold to consumers. From music (Kim K anyone?!?!?) to food (Google "butter stick type") and of course, personal care. I dare you to go do a search on "Wonder Sauna Hot Pants"

So you have so many options to choose from. The world of bad products is out there waiting for you to explore and find that one product that you just can't NOT blog about how awful it is.

Challenge #10- Things I Learned From My Father

This challenge is all about dads. Everyone has one, some of us are fortunate to have good ones so lets celebrate that. Without having to go out and buy a cheesy Hallmark card.

So name off the things your Dad has taught you. It could be something warm and fuzzy or more along the lines of practical like "never lick a metal pole in the middle of winter"

Perhaps your Dad is gone or was never there. Did something about that teach you anything?

Bonus points for whoever includes a picture of their Dad ;)

Challenge #9- Make a list

Create a list for your blog today.

Seriously, just a list. Not even a "to do list" but maybe it should be a list of things NOT to do. Or a list of cools websites you like. A reading list, a bucket list, your grocery list.

Doesn't matter, just list it out.

Here are a few ideas:
-Favorite quotes
-Best blogs
-Worst websites
-Most time wasters
-Ways to save $$$
-How many ways can a potato be prepared (don't laugh until you have tried this, it is much harder than it sounds!)
-Goals for the next 15 minutes
-Best LOLCatz images

Challenge #8- Create a poll

Create a poll for your readers to voice their opinions on. Ask for each person that votes to leave a comment stating their reasons for choosing the option they voted for.

How we process questions and decide on an answer is fascinating. Some work purely on instinct, other have a very analytical and thought out process. Still others go for a mixture, they might think it out but when push comes to shove, they go with what feels "right"

So don't just settle for asking a question but find out they WHY behind the answer. Challenge opinions, encourage participation and if your question just happens to be a monumental choice between cold or hot pizza, well, make sure you are willing to moderate the comments as some people will go to the mat about issues like those =)

Don't forget about the power of turning out the vote either. Post your poll on Twitter, FaceBook, Yahoo Answers, online message boards or invite other blogs to join in! Polls are all about "the more the merrier" attitude.

Challenge #7- Review a blog

Challenge #7 is to pick another blog, one you follow or perhaps you just do a 'luck-of-the-draw' search and read through a few entries.

Either review a single post or the blog as a whole.

When you are done, let the blogger know your review. Unless its flaming and then I suggest you keep your opinions about it to your own blog ;)

When you review it, remember to keep in a mind what a few basics that make for a good post/blog.

Is it informative? Does it engage you? Does the author present their ideas in an easy to understand way? Does it include pictures?

Alright, that last one shouldn't count but many of us are visual creatures and adding a photo to a post goes a long way to bringing the reader into what is going on =)

Challenge #6- How NOT to do something

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

Whoever wrote the above was obviously nuts. There is defenitely a WRONG way to do things.

So this challenge is about embracing things gone wrong, mistakes made or failures that happened.

Okay, maybe "embrace" is too strong a word. Perhaps laugh? Commiserate? Cringe over?

Create a post that shows how NOT to do something. Pictures are extra credit and will win you bonus points in Blogger Heaven.

Who knows, maybe you can save someone else from a life altering mishap. Or just save them a few hours of misery.

Challenge #5- Rant

It is time to let it out. The inner disgust you feel for something. The rage toward a person. The need to vehemently discuss your opionion on that one subject that irks you. Its time to rant.

You might be the person who does this constantly in your blog and if so, I suggest skipping this and doing the opposite- just for a change of pace =)

But for others of us, we may be stuck in the 'feel good' realm of blogging and its time to let loose that inner tiger/tigress of yours and express some attitude toward life.

So pick a subject and rant about it. At a loss for a topic? I will start you off:

-Ke$sha or Rebecca Black's music
-Obama/Bush/Palin/Weider/insert any other political name in here
-Tax rate of your state
-Red ants (if you happen to live in the good ol' South of USA, you will have plenty to rant about)
-Cell phones

Think of this as the online equivalent of making a protest sign and marching down the street. But in this scenerio you don't need to worry about any mundane things like weather, poor artwork, other protesters or getting killed because some crazy driver was honking at you and apparently disliked your sign enough to want to run you over.